Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist for That Perfect Las Vegas Wedding

las vegas wedding

While hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day is common practice, have you ever considered hiring one for the entire process? We all know that a Las Vegas wedding and most weddings are a multi-day event and a professional makeup artist can make other aspects of a wedding fun, beautiful, and all-around inspiring. Besides, why not indulge in the pampering for the whole she-bang? Let’s take a look at why you should consider hiring a professional makeup artist for the entire wedding experience!

Why Having the Perfect Makeup on Your Wedding Day is So Important

Let’s start with the main event: the wedding day! Even if everything has gone right up until the day of the wedding, it’s still a stressful and anxiety-riddled day. One thing the makeup artist can do outside of the actual makeup, is to provide a calming and positive presence, allowing for the bride to focus on their vows instead of whether or not they will look good in the photos! Let us pamper you and allow your inner beauty to shine and radiate throughout the day, which is the one day where you should feel like a queen!

Something else to consider is having your makeup artist do the makeup for the entire bridal party. If within the budget, having a cohesive look among the bride and bridesmaids allow for a consistent and harmonious aesthetic that will provide gorgeous memories to enjoy in the years that follow.  

Other considerations may be the style of ceremony your Las Vegas wedding will be.  Are you plannign specific cultural and religious events that your artist may need to be privy to?  Will you need assisting with dressing such as with a Sari and dupatta. Researching n makeup and hairstylist that fits your needs and your style are important for things to go smoothly.  Consider creating pinteret board of makeup and hair ideas that you like to share with your artist.

Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist Can Make for a Unique Bridal Shower Experience

We all know that the Las Vegas wedding festivities start long before the actual wedding, and when it comes to your nearest and dearest, that would be the bridal shower. But it doesn’t have to be just any bridal shower, especially when it’s in Las Vegas! From a wine tasting shower to an upgraded spa day, or a mixology class to a sunset party at the Linq, nothing is off limits when celebrating in Las Vegas! One thing that might make the party even more enjoyable would be a makeover party to start the day! Add in a little champagne and elevate the experience so that the wedding festivities are unforgettable. You can often find makeup and hairstylist that are mobile and can come to you at any location, set up and start the glamour.  Depending on the size of your party larger groups can be accomodated. There is also the option of making it a spa/salon day and going to a salon to having services done. 

Not only would these makeovers be a fun experience, but they can act as a makeup tutorial for the wedding itself. Bringing in a professional makeup artist for the shower can set the stage for the wedding, and when the wedding comes around, everyone will already know what to expect and how to achieve the look that best fits the wedding aesthetic!

Don’t Forget the Bachelorette Party!

Maybe you decided against holding the bridal shower in Las Vegas or opted for a low-key event – but what about the bachelorette party? If nothing else, this is the time to splurge! One last hurrah for the bride and her closest friends, and no place is better than Las Vegas for that! If you really want to make it an unforgettable experience, why not hire a professional makeup artist to not only get everyone ready for a night on the town, but make it an educational pre-party! Hiring a professional like Nadia Shalini Makeup will not only elevate the experience, but it will also help bring the fun to start the weekend! 

If you’re about to start your planning your Las Vegas wedding , reach out to see what we can do to make it an event that you will never forget! Contact us today!  Appointments availble on location or check out services on appointments at http://www.blendbeautybar.com