Find a Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist for your Wedding Day

Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist

Finding the best bridal hair and makeup artist for you wedding day can be exciting!  After all it’s a time when you get to create your own beauty team of pros that will make you look and feel your best. 

A few basic things to consider is timing.  Most makeup artist that primarily work as bridal makeup artist, are typcially prebooked at peak wedding season sometimes 6mo to a 1 year in advance.  So be realistic and plan accordingly.  Do not expect to book a makeup artist you been wanting to work with a month or few weeks before your event. It is also always recommend to have a trial run.  Before I book a bride, I might insist on it.  Not just so that I know exactly what you are wanting, but so that I can also be very prepared for the day of.  All the same applies with hair. Pre book your appointments. 

If you plan on having engagment photos, it a smart idea to schedule a trial makeup hair run so that you can get an idea of how the make up will wear and photograph as well as how comfortable you will be in it. Especially if you are not a everyday makeup wearer. 

 I put together a list of Things to keep in mind when looking for a bridal hair and makeup artist;

1. What type of bridal hair and makeup artist are you looking for? 

Often a bride will call and want to schedule, but are unsure about what they want. Come with an idea.  Bridal hair and  Makeup is a collaborative process, we like to get to know your esthetic and style as well as what you for your look. Having inspo photos is always helpful.  Knowing if you like a more natural look, dramatic or maybe it is spefics to a theme you are working around.  The more info you have about what you want the easier it will be to get it. 

2. Not sure where to start your search?  Ask for recommendations!

Your best resources are your own network!  Ask friends, family, co workers, etc if they have any recs. Odds are someone does.  Starting getting names of info, look at webportfolios and begin going through what you like and don’t like.  Reach out to a few and ask about their process for booking. Ask about bridal parties, if you have many bridesmaids that you would also like to include with hair and makeup, be sure to ask if they can handle groups and if they offer discounted rates for groups. 

3. Ask your other Vendors.

Many wedding vendors work together often and so we referr each other business.  If you have already found a photographer they would be their first one I would ask about hair and make up.  We always partner with photographers and so they are a great resource.  You will also find an artist that works will with your photographer. 

4. Always ask for work references or reviews from previous brides.

You always want to verify who you are hiring, are you professional trained.  A good way of finding out is google.  Research your vendors, make sure they are legit. 

5. Decide on a Budget!

Bridal hair and makeup artist services can get expensive depending on your wedding.  Decide on a budget early on.  It makes narrowing down choices easier. If you have a bridal party you want to have hair and makeup services for, get an idea of how many in your party would like hair and or makeup. Your hair and makeup rate may be higher than your party, but often a group discount can be offered for larger parties.  Let you artist know about timing as well.  If there are 4 people in your party and you need to be ready by a certain time. allow for about 1.5 -2 hours per person, ideally you would want a min of 2 -3 stylist/artist to work on a party of 4 or larger. Be aware the more artist/stylist working on your wedding day the higher the prices will be. 

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