The Best Skin Care Routine for a Dry Climate Like Las Vegas

We all understand the importance of hydrating and moisturizing, but nothing reminds us more than when we find ourselves in a different climate. If your skin is used to humid or tropical locations, but then experiences a dry, arid place even for a few days, you know exactly what we’re talking about. So what changes should you make to your skin care routine when you end up in a drier climate like Las Vegas? We have the answers you’ve been dying to know – read on to find out!

Moving From Humid to Dry Climates

For anyone who has moved from a humid to a dry climate, the difference was immediately noticeable. Not only did the use of moisturizing creams increase, but so did the frequency of applying them. Humidity can help keep the skin hydrated, but dry air will draw out moisture from the surface, causing flakiness and premature damage. After a few days in a drier climate, it can feel like nothing in your daily skin routine is working like it usually does, and that you’re constantly slathering on balms and creams. 

In a humid climate, sweat will collect on the surface of the skin, but in a hot, desert climate like Las Vegas, sweat will quickly evaporate from the skin’s surface. Neither is a perfect scenario, but both affect your skin and how you care for it. Cities like Los Angeles offer yet another skin care scenario. L.A. tends to be hot and humid,  but being so close to the ocean gives the city more of a Mediterranean style climate. If you travel between Las Vegas and Los Angeles as often as I do, you too probably have created specialized skin care routines depending on where you happen to be! If not, look for some tips below to help. 

The Importance of Keeping Your Skin Hydrated 

Just as it’s important to drink plenty of water each day for overall health, so is keeping your skin hydrated. Skin is the largest organ of the human body, so it should be a priority in your daily health and wellness. Dehydrated skin can cause a loss of elasticity which results in more pronounced fine lines and wrinkles. 

The first step in healthy, hydrated skin is – surprise! – drinking plenty of fluids, including water, tea, and juice, as well as eating water-rich foods like fruit and vegetables. Remember to avoid or limit caffeine and alcohol, as they will cause further dehydration. 

The next step is to follow a proper skin care regime that includes hydrating moisturizers and other hydrating topicals with water-based ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerin. Supplements and minerals can also be considered, but be sure to consult your doctor before including them in your daily routine. 

While the most important reason for keeping your skin hydrated is for its own health and wellness, there is always the underlying factor of just wanting to look your best. By keeping on top of your skin’s health, you will be ready for monumental events like a wedding, photo shoots, or even meeting the potential in-laws for the first time! Preparation is the best defense, whether it’s regarding a natural disaster like a hurricane, a sporting event like the Super Bowl, or your skin when it’s important to make a great impression. So how should you prepare your skin for a dry climate? 

The Best Skin Care Routine for a Desert Climate

There are a number of things to consider in a daily skin care routine for a dry, desert climate, but here are the top priorities everyone should know:

  1. Use hydrating and gentle products – it’s imperative to give your skin its best chance, so by using gentle products that are hydrating, you can set the stage for success. One of our favorite skin care lines is Glymed Plus, which can be purchased at Atomic Beauty Emporium.
  2. Utilize SPF to protect from sun damage – whether in Los Angeles or Las Vegas, or really anywhere else, sunscreen is a necessity! There are plenty of options for all skin types, and some of our favorites can be purchased at Atomic Beauty Emporium.
  3. Try a humidifier – not all humidifiers are made the same, so invest in a good one and you will never regret the positive effects you’ll experience!
  4. Take warm showers instead of hot ones – though we all love a long, hot shower, it is not what your skin loves! Keep the heat to a minimum and shorten the time spent under it!
  5. Try a facial mist or calming mask – if you have just a minute, or if you have a spare 15, pamper yourself with a quick spritz for a refresher or a spa night with a mask and scented candles! Some of our tried and true mists come from Jane Iredale!

Other Tips for Looking Your Best in a Dry Climate

  • Exfoliate – while it’s important to not over exfoliate, a simple exfoliating once a week can help clear off dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Minimize air conditioning/furnace use – either end of the extremes are never a good choice, so minimize exposure to the harshness of engineered heat and cold. 
  • Add a serum – if you haven’t already added serums to your daily routine, what are you waiting for? From hyaluronic acid to vitamin E oils for skin barrier-strengthening ceramides, you can find something for any issue you may have. We suggest adding B3 Youth Serum to your daily routine for a good all-around face serum.
  • Schedule a facial – go ahead and treat yourself! By visiting a professional, you receive premium services to help keep your skin healthy and happy, as well as get valuable suggestions on what would help the most with your specific needs. Schedule a facial today!
  • Living in a dry climate can be challenging to your skin at first, but by learning to adjust your skin care routine, you can make it work in your favor. If you are in need of help getting on track to your best skin care routine, contact us today and let us pamper you!